NOTICE - Coronavirus, SARS-CoV2 / Covid-19

Dear Friends, Suppliers and Customers of Empresa Estufasminho S.A.
Following the current state of public health emergency, declared by the World Health Organization, and in response to the latest developments and spread of respiratory disease infection caused by the coronavirus agent, SARS-CoV2 / Covid-19, having as reference line the General Directorate of Health and its recommendations and in order to protect its employees and all stakeholders to the company, Estufasminho S.A. decided to implement the following preventive measures:
- We are asked to all our esteemed customers, suppliers and friends who need to contact our company, seek to find solutions that avoid travel and visits to our facilities, so we suggest that they do so preferably by e-mail or telephone.
With regard to the receipt of goods, we will continue to allow unloading and loading of material under the following conditions:
- Permission must be requested at the reception, so that it is possible to unload the transported goods or pick up the material.
- We also request, at the reception, that all those involved, proceed to the hygiene of the hands having for this purpose available disinfectant gel and carefully follow the suggested indications.
- At the time of loading or unloading, contact between the interveners should be avoided as much as possible and the driver schould stay inside the truck cabine during the loading/unloading process.
Estufasminho S.A., thanks already your maximum understanding, in this phase of greater adversity in the face of public health events. We believe that by taking the measures described, we will also be protecting all those around us, whether from the company or external to it.
We believe with this measures we can all develope our activities, and retourn to a normalized way, very soon.
As always, our team is available for any further clarification.